Terms & Conditions

This Terms and Conditions apply to Users of the Hey Picotado! website, as well as any and all commercial transactions carried out through the online shop. By using this website, Users / Customers accept and agree to this regulation, which may be updated / changed at any time without prior notice.


What payment methods are accepted?

Hey Picotado! offers the following payment options for orders on Hey Picotado online shop


Pay using a PayPal account or credit card.


Pay by with MBWay, to 912 141 447.

Shipping Methods

What payment methods are accepted?

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Is buying online safe?

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How do I track my order?

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How can I return a product?

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Do I need an account to place an order?

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How can I cancel my order?

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Shipping Methods

There are two shipping methods that vary depending on the customer’s address and the order value: Delivery by Mail (shipping the order by registered mail to national and international territory) Free Delivery (only available for orders delivered in Portugal, whose product value is 40.00 € or more)

Shipping Costs

The shipping costs will vary, depending on the weight of the order and the country of destination. Portugal (Continental, Açores e Madeira) 0 to 50 grams = 2.50€ 50 to 100 grams = 3.00€ 100 to 500 grams = 3.50€ 500 to 2000 grams = 6.00€ Europe 0 to 100 grams = 4.50€ 101 to 500 grams = 7.50€ 501 to 1000 grams = 11.00€ 1001 to 2000 grams = 17.00€ Rest of the World 0 to 100 grams = 5.00€ 101 to 500 grams = 10.00€ 501 to 1000 grams = 18.00€ 1001 to 2000 grams = 26.50€ Shipping costs includes all expenses related to order processing and shipping (envelopes, boxes, handling, as well as postal office costs). Orders that exceeds 2000 grams (very rare cases), the customer must request the cost of shipping via email shop@picotado.com and it will be communicated as soon as possible. For orders with the “Free Delivery” option selected (only available for orders delivered in Portugal, whose value is greater than € 40.00), the shipping  / delivery cost is free (if the chosen payment method is “Payment on Delivery“, the value of the shipping costs is discounted, but the 2.20€ tax will be applied).

Delivery Times and Conditions

All orders are processed within a maximum period of 3 working days, except for those waiting for payment confirmation. In exceptional cases of stock rupture, the Customer will be updated about the delivery time. On payments made by “Bank Transfer” and “MB Way” options, the order will only be sent after sending a proof of payment or confirmation. Payment for an order must be made within a maximum period of 3 working days, otherwise the order will be canceled. After confirmation of payment, the order will be processed and shipped within 3 business days. The estimated delivery time, after shipping: · 1 working day – Portugal · 2 working days – Portugal (Açores and Madeira) · 3-5 working days – Europe · 5-14 working days – Rest of the World. Orders through CTT · Correios de Portugal’s services are always by registered mail, with an tracking code that allows them to be located, the items are in envelopes or boxes that improves protection to the products. The Customer will always receive confirmation of the orders shipment and the respective identification code for tracking and location. If the delivery of the order is not possible due to the recipient’s absence, you will receive a notification in the mailbox to pick it up, indicating the post office where it can be reclaimed. The order must be picked up in a period of 5 working days. After this period, it will be returned to us. The cost of a new shipment will be charged to the Customer, even if he has taken advantage of the “Free Shipping” option. For orders where the “Payment on Delivery” method has been used, a new shipment will only be made after payment of the order through “Paypal”, “Bank Transfer” or “MB Way”.

Delays, Damages and Losses

Picotado · Design Studio & Crafts is not responsible for any delay, damage or loss on the part of postal service. All orders must be verified on delivery and their acceptance assumes that it is in perfect condition. On arrival, the Customer must refuse the order if it finds that the packaging is open or damaged. All shipments are made by registered mail, which allows online tracking of the order. A code assigned to each envelope / box, which will be provided to the Customer.

Exchanges and Returns

Hey Picotado! allows the exchange or the return of products purchased in the online store within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of the package arrival, provided they are accompanied by the respective invoice / receipt. Only articles that are still in perfect condition will be accepted with its original packaging. Exchanges or returns can be made by post (to an address that we will provide by email) or by hand (in a location indicated by email / phone, in Maia, Portugal). The Customer must communicate their intention to Hey Picotado! through the email shop@picotado.com or 912 141 447. Hey Picotado! will refund the value of returned products, within 8 days of the date of package arrival, but the costs related to shipping and transportation will be entirely the Customer responsibility.

Prices and Fees

The retail sales prices indicated in the Hey Picotado! online shop are presented in euros and include VAT according to the rate applied in Portugal (23%). These may be changed at any time and without notice. If you want to put a taxpayer number (NIF) on your purchase invoice, you must indicate it in the field for that purpose, which will appear on the “Checkout” page.

Data Protection

Hey Picotado! guarantees the confidentiality of all information provided by its Clients, never being sold or made available to third parties. Client’s personal data is collected for the purpose of managing the Client’s account, billing, providing information. Hey Picotado! is committed to the privacy and security of the Client personal data. At any time, you can access your personal data, modify them and / or even request their deletion. For more information on Data Protection, see our Privacy Policy. · For any questions contact by email (info@picotado.com · shop@picotado.com) or by phone +351 912 141 447, we will be happy to help! · Last updated: September, 16 2023

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