The need to combine two creative areas, design and crafts, gave origin to Picotado · Design Studio & Crafts. It was officially presented to the public in February 2014 with the opening of the first space in the city of Porto. In a small independent building, located at Travessa de Cedofeita 49, we combined a design studio and a craft shop. In this location, we promoted and marketed products from various authors, hosted events and exhibitions and also worked with clients on their design and communications needs. In addition to all this, in order to grow and reach a bigger audience, we also launched the Picotado · Design Studio & Crafts online shop.

At the beginning of 2015 we ended up leaving this space to a different location in the heart of Quarteirão das Artes at Rua da Maternidade 124, where we continued to design all the work that defined us and we also organised creative workshops.

In 2016, almost turning two years old, Picotado · Design Studio & Crafts underwent some metamorphoses in its operations, ceasing to have a physical space and focusing exclusively on digital work and sales. The design work has become our main focus and that’s why in our studio we are dedicated to create clear and dynamic graphic solutions, helping our clients solve their problems in branding, editorial design or web design. We also continue exploring our online shop, where we present and sell a careful selection of creative and inspiring products, which can be purchased from anywhere in the world.