Hey! We love nice design and cute paper things!

Hey Picotado produces decorative paper objects that create special spaces and moments. It is also a new approach to our beloved project, Picotado · Design Studio & Crafts, a design studio and shop launched in 2014.



Picotado · Design Studio & Crafts was launched at Travessa de Cedofeita 49, a unique space in Porto downtown, that combined a design studio and craft shop.


The studio and shop changed their location to another space in the heart of Porto Art District, at Rua da Maternidade 124.


Picotado · Design Studio & Crafts underwent some transformations in its operations, ceasing to have a physical space and focusing exclusively on digital design work and sales.


Picotado’s online shop was closed to provide a greater focus on the design studio’s work.


Picotado · Design Studio changed its name to Twoist Studio, and Hey Picotado was launched as a new project with its own concept, honoring all the work developed by Picotado over almost 10 years.


Daniela Pinto Pereira
Founder & Designer

Daniela graduated in Communication Design (2012) and also completed a Master’s degree (2015) in the same field at Escola Superior de Artes e Design. In 2019, she finished a Postgraduate degree in Interaction, Web, and Games Design at Faculdade de Belas Artes of Universidade do Porto.

In 2012, she started to work as a freelance designer, and in 2014, founded the independent project Picotado · Design Studio & Crafts. Meanwhile, since 2016, she has been working at MC Sonae (a company leader in the food retail sector in Portugal) as a Communication Designer, Web Designer, and currently as a UX/UI Designer.